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RV Parts & Services in Prescott Valley, AZ

Welcome to Hi Country Rec-V-Center!
Family owned and operated since 1992.

We're here to solve all your RV problems! Come to us or let us come to you!
We provide on-site repairs to the quad cities and most of the Northern Arizona areas.

Our services include everything from providing simple answers about your RV to complete repair jobs. Our family-owned business has been operating since 1992 and we have over 30 years of RV repair experience. We pride ourselves in providing quality, knowledgeable, fair and courteous service. Since integrity is so important to us, we won't sell you any parts or perform any repair that you don't need.

We gladly troubleshoot problems over the phone and in person to anyone in an effort to keep you from spending more than necessary on repairs. No job is too small or too big and no question is too silly to ask us.
Family Travel in Recreational Vehicle -  RV Parts in Arizona, USA
Recreational Vehicle -  RV Parts in Arizona, USA
Mechanic Checking Flat Tire -  RV Parts in Arizona, USA

Products & Services

We are proud to say that we are an authorized warranty and service center for ALL the RV appliance manufacturers in the industry. This requires yearly or semi yearly training/classes completion, satisfactory testing, continuing education, as well as carrying of products in our facility. There are several "certifications" available which simply require paying a fee and watching a video. We don't believe in that. It's more important to be certified with confidence by the manufacturers of the products that are in your RV. We want customers have peace of mind that we really are qualified when we are repairing their RV.

We accept aftermarket extended warranty policies. Free estimates provided for any insurance or warranty service.

Family in Recreational Vehicle -  RV Parts in Arizona, USA

Recreational Vehicles -  RV Parts in Arizona, USA

Mechanic Examining Recreational Vehicle -  RV Parts in Arizona, USA

As a full service RV repair facility, we are able to take care of any issue that may arise before, during, or after your trip.

We offer repairs both at our facility and on-site including, but not limited to the following:

  • Awnings
  • A/C Units
  • Generators
  • RV Appliances
  • 12V Electrical & LP Systems
  • Fresh water tank & System Repair/Install
  • Black water tank & System Repair/Install
  • Exterior Damage & Paint
  • RV Roof Repair/Install
  • Trailer Hitch Install/Wiring
  • Tow Vehicle & Tow Bar Install/Wiring
  • Wheel Bearing & Trailer Brake Repair

We are also your #1 Manufactured Home/Mobile Home Parts Source!

  • Awnings (Patio and Window)
  • BathTubs/ShowerPans/Surrounds
  • Doors (Exterior and Interior)
  • Leveling Piers, Pads and Tiedowns
  • Door and Window Hardware
  • Plumbing Repair Parts